Home Sweet Home: Update To Our Life Back In China

Hey there,

First of all I want to apologize for my absence. Since we came back from our lovely summer vacay in Finland, I have been swamped with work. The beginning of the new school year is always hectic and there is so much to do and on the weekends I haven’t even thought about taking out my laptop other than watching the last few episodes of The Game Of Thrones Season 7.

The school year in China starts on the September 1st. We had to report to work nearly 2 weeks before that to attend training and prepare for the school year. The Chinese have very high expectations and I don’t blame them considering the astronomical tuition fees.

I’ve been prepping and planning like crazy to present myself in the best light possible. Even though I’m an amazing teacher (if I may say so myself), the Chinese parents prefer teachers from native English speaking countries. If I don’t tell them I’m from Finland, I think they would all believe I’m from America, since most of them can’t really distinguish accents, but I’m extremely proud of where I’m from and I believe in honesty.

I’ll share some photos of our classroom décor and all the cool posters and worksheets I’ve been designing later. I’m quite proud of myself and can’t wait to show off.

I met my little darling first graders and their parents last Friday and I’m very pleased with the group I got assigned. Most of the parents were quite young and seemed open minded. Also being from Finland seems to now work for my advantage since The President of People’s Republic of China Xi Lin Ping visited Finland last spring and there was a lot of hype over the great education system in Finland.

The first week of actual school has finally come to an end and I am hoping to get a little sleep in tomorrow morning, since on work days I have to leave the house at 6:30 to make it to work in time. I drive my e-bike to the subway stop and take the subway closer to work, where I have another e-bike waiting for me to make the 3km ride a little faster. Once the weather cools down, I might just ride one of the share bikes.

My husband went back to work on Monday too and Hailey join her little friends in her nursery group. She really enjoys it there, even though apparently she always puts on a fight in the morning when they need to leave the house. She wants to bring her “Ihahaa” (which is a blue lama) with her everywhere now. I think I preferred Woody, who we (read I) accidentally left at the airport in Shanghai before our long flight to Finland.

Now I’m just babbling…

Hailey has been a little terror lately. I doubt our parenting skills sometimes. She is so high strong. She wants everything done her way. She throws fits like no one else (except for maybe her mother, I don’t know, I’m probably not the best person to judge.) She pees on the floor (next to the potty) on purpose, just to get a reaction out of us, or the ayi at daycare. She doesn’t like wearing clothes anymore. The other day she took her own pants off on the subway and refused to put them back on. She still wears a diaper when we are out so don’t worry, I didn’t let her run around completely bottomless.

She is still a little cutie though. She has started to call me Elisa, since she hears other people do that. She loves giving us kisses and hugs. She has learned to say please, even though it sounds more like peace. She asks for things nicely, like “wawu peace!” (wawu is water), or “namnai peace” (milk). Even though she’s a little turd some days who drives us nuts, I still love her immensely and miss her all day when I’m forced to be away from her.

That’s just a quick update on what’s been up with the Sanchez Family lately. Stay tuned to hear more about our exciting life in China. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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