Exciting News!

We have some exciting news to share with you!

Our little family of 3 is expecting another team member on April 1st 2018.


Even though when I went through the whole bit of being pregnant on China with our daughter and I swore I wouldn’t do it in China again, but here we go AGAIN.

It’s a little different this time around though. I already know how the system works. My friend Sunny who is writing about her experience in Having A Baby In China, just gave birth in China last summer and she has given me some great insight on hospitals and other things to consider.


Sunny put together an article with stories of 7 amazing women who “survived” pregnancy and  gave birth in China. You can read the story here.


I had my first check up at a Chinese Private Hospital OB Maria. They didn’t speak any English at the front desk and they had one doctor who spoke English in the house that day and they just told me to follow them and they took me to Dr. Guo. I can’t say my first impression of her was very nice. The first thing she said to me was “So, What’s Your Problem?”




I said: “ I don’t have a problem. I am pregnant and I have an appointment for an ultrasound!”


I know it’s probably just her lack of conversational English skills, but it certainly didn’t make me want to see her again. It didn’t seem like I had a lot of options though.


The facilities were nice though. The room where the ultrasound was done was nice and I got to see the baby kicking on a big screen. They even did a 3D scan on the first visit which I wasn’t expecting.

The cost of the ultrasound with the doctor fee was 380RMB. Not as cheap as the public care, but still cheaper than Aima. I’m still considering other hospitals.


We were very happy to hear everything was okay with the baby. He or She is strong and growing well.


Hailey came with us to the ultrasound and she was very excited to see the baby. She is always also giving kisses to my belly.


We are all excited and we can’t wait to meet the baby in April.

I will be sharing my story of expecting a baby in China and Hailey’s birth in the days to come. Stay tuned!

This was our pregnancy announcement back in the day when we were expecting Hailey. We wanted something similar with the beach feel this time around too. We didn’t hire a photographer, but we had an idea in mind and we asked this lovely girl to take the photo for us. The photos in this post apart from the last one and the one from the hospital are taken with my husbands iPhone 8 PlusiPhone 8 plus and I must say I’m a little jealous. That phone takes amazing photos!

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