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Dolch Pre-Primer Sight Words Fishing Game FREE printable

I am super excited today. I just launched my TpT store and uploaded my first printable there. I have been working like crazy creating worksheets and games for my little students.

There is a lot of wonderful resources already out there, but nothing beats the feeling when you create something yourself and can see the finished product being used.

Since most of my students are beginners in English and are only learning to read we have a huge amount of work to do. We have to go through all the Dolch Sight Words from Pre-Primer to First Grare during our first year of school in order for them to be ready for second grade.

We learn about 4-8 sight words a week and we use different methods to practice them. We use worksheets and every student has their own set of flashcards on a ring they can use to practice at home or one on one with the teacher.

I feel like this can get a little boring and so I created this little Sight Word Fishing Game for the Dolce Pre-Primer Words for the students to review the sight words together while playing a game.

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How to make the fish

You will need

Color printer

A4 printer paper


Laminating folders

Stapler and staples

Disposable chopsticks




  1. Print pages 3-7 on a A4 piece of paper
  2. Laminate
  3. Cut out the fish.
  4. Staple a mouth on the fish.
  5. Make a fishing rod out of a disposable chopstick (or any other short stick), yarn and a magnet.
  6. Play the game and have FUN!

Easy peasy!

I hope you enjoy this game. You can download it from my TpT store.



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