Hi, We are Elisa and Garrett!

Our goal with the Spoonful of Fun blog is to inspire other parents! We will be sharing stories of our expat life, recipes, teaching resources and DIY tutorials and home hacks. We will share tips that have made our days easier and more relaxed.

Our Story

To make a long story short…

Three years ago Garrett and I moved to, Hangzhou China, to teach at an international primary school. We were only meant to stay for a year, but now three years later we are still here.

Our life has changed quite a bit. We got married. We have a beautiful baby girl Hailey who is almost 2 years old. She is the light of our life and keeps us busy. My husband is currently an English Coordinator at a bilingual kindergarten and I teach 3rd grade at a bilingual primary school.

Even though we are both educators we are still learning parenting. We might not have the answers to every parenting problem but we can share what has worked for us. We will also share what did NOT work for us.

We have made it my goal our raise our daughter bilingual (maybe even trilingual). Elisa is going do my best to give her a strong foundation of Finnish, strong enough for her to be able to read and write with ease. Garrett on the other hand  is in charge of English.

In this blog you can find  stories about our expat life and traveling with a child and tips how to make it work.

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